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Visit Prishtina®
Visit Prishtina Wonderful PRN™ aspires to provide motivating and comprehensive travel and tourist information to Prishtina, the capital of Kosova. Tips for a wonderful weekend in Prishtina from this inspiring Visit Prishtina™ short guide.
Short guide to Prishtina*

Nowhere else in the Mediterranean Europe will you be greeted by such an overwhelming warmth and hospitality by local people. Prishtina, the capital of Kosova, embraces and shares the culture that knows how to grasp the little pleasures of life.

Slow down, don’t rush, relax – Prishtina people offer you a great choice of trendy cafés, bars and restaurants to taste their remarkably excellent food and coffee as well as experience their positive approach toward life. Prishtina is a wonderful modern city featuring remnants of antique cultures: Illyrian, Roman, Byzantium, and Ottoman. Once discovered Prishtina divulges its charm and beauty, and you are already in love - with a Wonderful Prishtina!

How to Get There?

The following table provides information about flights arriving to Prishtina International Airport (PRN) from various countries. See Table 1.

For budget-minded travellers, the following bus services operate to Prishtina from a number of European countries. See Table 2.

Shuttle buses for Prishtina city centre leave every other hour and cost €3. Alternatively, taxis are available for the price of €20. It takes approximately 20 minutes to reach the centre of Prishtina. You have touched down in Prishtina when you notice a huge poster of Bill Clinton welcoming you to the city.

Four Seasons in Prishtina

Prishtina is awakening itself from the winter sleep in late March. Snow melting, trees blossoming, cafés filling up with people – Prishtina is blushing with its youthful and cheerful mood. In order to take that special breath of spring-feel in the air, you must go to Gërmia Park – a green and delightful place to spend a lovely afternoon with your friends or your family. A jogger or a barbeque lover, you will appreciate its greenery and fresh air whereas the children’s attention will be captured by the little zoo.

Not to forget though, one must attend a famous book fair held in the Youth and Sports Centre of Prishtina, every May. Well known Albanian writers gather to celebrate and appreciate the fast-growing literature world of Kosova. New and old books are being presented, criticised and praised. The book fair lasts for a whole week – this is an event not to miss. Even if you are just a mere passer-by, you will be welcomed there and looked after by the local people.

In summer, Prishtina is in its most thriving and entertaining time of the year. This is the time when Prishtina reveals all its beauty and energy. You walk into the centre of town, and find yourself among thousands of shops, cafés, and bars. Bill Clinton and Mother Teresa boulevards will blister with a healthy laughter and cheerfulness of the local people.

This is the time of the year when Prishtina invites you to chill into a huge outdoor swimming pool – probably the largest in the whole of Europe. The heat of the sun and relaxation in the cool waters - what else can a person wish for his ultimate pleasure?

Summer is a perfect time for you to explore the historical sights situated around Prishtina city. Shielded in the land of endless legends, Turbia of Sinan Pasha, Graçanica Monastery, the remains of Ancient Ulpiana, and Marble Cave, will tell you the history from the eyes of ordinary Kosovars, who were there to witness changes happen.

In autumn, Prishtina’s carefree and high-spirited summer lifestyle turns into a busy and lively flurry of finest food markets. It is the time when farmers from the farthest villages of Kosova bring their summer fruits and vegetables to the heart of Prishtina. It is a pleasant experience to get caught up in between the stalls full of fresh and famous Kosovar pairs and most importantly, millions and millions of sacks of different peppers. The sellers are there to make sure you do not leave the market without tasting every single fruit or nut. It is simply delightful!

After a busy day in the market, you now wish to sit back and make most of Prishtina’s theatre season. Autumn offers you a great choice of cultural activities. If you fancy having a good laugh, you should go and watch a comedy in a local theatre. If you wish to learn about Albanian folklore, you may want to attend a concert performed by the best singers and dancers of the region.

Picturesque markets and rich festive cultural life complement the colourful beauty of the autumn in Prishtina.

The remarkable beauty of Prishtina is such that it truly endures and exposes all four distinct seasons of the year. Winter in Prishtina is usually cold. Yet, it does not necessarily mean that you cannot enjoy it. In fact, wherever you walk, in the streets or in the parks, you appreciate elegant frost of the trees and piles of white snow reflecting bright sunshine into your face.

It is probably the calmest season of the year. Although, Prishtina cafés and restaurants are never empty. You must pop in a Qebabtore or Burektore – a typical Albanian eating place – to try traditional pies and pastries served with yogurt and fresh tomato salad. What’s more, you may want to join a customary ritual of drinking nice warm tea in oriental style.

Still, to fully appreciate and enjoy winter time in Prishtina you should go skiing to Gërmia Mountain, which is situated 6 km east of Prishtina at 1100m above the sea level. Fun and thrill of skiing will be even more enchanted when you realise that Gërmia Mountain grants you the most vivid panorama. You will be able to enjoy a clear view of the dramatic outline of Kosova Valley and the caps of Sharri Mountains.


*Alternative spellings: Prishtinë, Pristina.

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