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This is a gallery of pictures from Kosova. All the pictures were taken by Besnik Kajtazi and Jolita Augutyte during September 2003. We kindly ask you to respect the copyright of the authors. If you wish to use any of the following pictures, then please contact the authors first.


Villages in Kosovar countryside

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The beautiful countryside of central Kosova.

The walls in the fields are all hand-made from stones.

Lake by the road in eastern Kosova

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Travelling in eastern Kosova in a very picturesque surrounding.

Chickens and a cock enjoy what the countryside has to offer

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Kosova is very green and animal-friendly. Grass fields in northern Kosova.

Waterfall in central Kosova

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Although very small, Kosovar nature is very diverse.

There are even some small waterfalls.

Mirusha waterfall

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Mirusha waterfalls in central Kosova.

The surrounding is breathtaking.

Jolita and Besnik approaching the waterfall

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There are other smaller waterfalls.

But to see them you need to do some mountain climbing.

The Castle of Gjilan

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The eastern Kosovar town of Gjilan never had a castle.

So, one day, a local man decided to built one and open its doors to visitors.

The Castle of Gjilan is a restaurant

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"The Castle" is on the top of a hill and apart from great views, it also offers some delicious food.

The Castle's fountain and river

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The tiny Castle has its own fountain and river.

Mysterious Kosovar road

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Now, it's time to take you to a mysterious part of Kosova.

A small river in western Kosova

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...where the water is as clear as the tear in the eye.

Rugova Camp restaurant and motel

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...and dining is a whole new experience.

View of Rugova mountain gorge

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Welcome to Rugova mountain gorge.

Rugova mountain gorge is situated in western Kosova

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Situated in western Kosova, scenery of Rugova mountain gorge is very dramatic.

The clouds and the mountains meet in Rugova mountain gorge

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It's so mysterious, so high, so beautiful, so unique.

It must be Rugova gorge.

An Albanian Eagle

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Alright, alright, don't be afraid. It's just an eagle spreading its wings.

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